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Rain Flowers

Mother's Day Brunch

Celebrate Mother's Day, May 12, with our limited menu,

available starting at 10AM and ending at 2PM.

Make sure to reserve your table now to treat your mom to a special meal on her special day.


Attend our Cigar & Bourbon Tasting

Indulge in an unforgettable night of sophistication and flavor as you explore the rich and complex world of cigars and bourbon. Perfect for connoisseurs and novices alike, this event promises an atmosphere of elegance and enjoyment.

Come to Triple George Grill for a memorable downtown dining experience. Classic cocktails and good times are waiting.


From mouth watering steaks
to decadent cakes. 


Specials & Happy Hour

Recognized for its power lunch specials, happy hour offerings and classic cuisine, and is known as one of the first independent eateries to emerge in the beginning years of the revitalization of downtown Las Vegas, paving the way for what is now a thriving and eclectic urban dining scene.

We Offer Validated Valet Parking

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